The NMSU Office of Government and Community Relations represents New Mexico State University’s interests and priorities with the state legislature, federal government, and government agencies.

2021 Legislative Session

The New Mexico Legislature adjourned on Saturday, March 30. The deadline for the Governor to sign bills into law was Friday, April 9.  Click on the link below for a summary of the NMSU impacts in the funding bills and other legislative action.

2021 Legislative Session Report

NMSU Bill Tracker

The NMSU Office of Government and Community Relations tracks a number of bills during the legislative session.  Click on the link below to see what bills are being tracked:

NMSU Bill Tracking

NMSU’s 2021 Legislative Initiatives

NMSU’s legislative initiatives were approved by the NMSU Board of Regents on September 18, 2020. Click on the images below to open a larger view to read a summary, or the Legislative Book with further detail:











FY22 Executive and LFC Budget Recommendations

The State of New Mexico and the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) released their Fiscal Year 2022 budget recommendations.  You may read a summary by clicking on the link below:

FY22 Executive and LFC Budget Recommendation Summary

December General Fund Consensus Revenue Estimate

The Consensus Revenue Estimate was released this week and the it does have some good news. The Consensus Revenue Estimate (CRE) predicts $315.6 million in new money for FY22.  The estimated revenues are $169 million or 2.3% of recurring appropriations if the Federal Funds SWAP that was used to offset GF during the special session is restored (which is highly likely).  The unaudited actual ending reserves for FY20 are estimated at $2.513 billion or 34% of recurring appropriations.  The estimated reserves for FY21 are estimated at $2.407 billion or 33.4% of recurring appropriations ($7.063 billion).

Read the December General Fund Consensus Revenue Estimate 

Higher Education Testimony

The Legislative Finance Committee is listened to testimony from higher education on December 8th.

Click HERE to watch the recorded hearing.

COVID-19 Updates and Response

Click here for information on The CARES Act, Re-opening NMSU, and other legislative items related to the response to COVID-19.

2020 Legislative and Special Session

On June 18-22, the NM Legislature held a special session to work on the state’s budget in light of COVID-19.  The legislature completed work on two solvency bills, which in the end resulted in reductions to the NMSU budget for FY21.  A report is posted at the link below: