The NMSU Office of Government Relations represents New Mexico State University’s interests and priorities with the state legislature, federal government, and government agencies.

Governor Signs Bills Impacting NMSU

On March 7 Governor Martinez signed bills that impact NMSU, including HB 2, the state budget bill.

HB 2, General Appropriations Act

The state budget bill includes the 2% compensation for faculty and staff, 2% new money for I&G, and $4 million for the lottery scholarship fund.

HB 306 STB Bill

HB 306 includes $570,000 in Severance Tax Bond projects for NMSU.






SB 94, General Obligation Bond Projects

SB 94, also signed by the Governor, includes a total of $31.2 million in projects that will be on the November election ballot for voter-approval.



SB 140, a lottery scholarship decoupling bill supported by NMSU, ASNMSU, and the NM Council of University Presidents, was also signed.


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Legislative Finance Committee Report on Higher Education Costs


On Tuesday, October 24, the Legislative Finance Committee released a report titled, “Program Evaluation: Higher Education Cost Drivers and Cost Savings”

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