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Legislative Update: Tax Reform and its Impact to Higher Education

The House of Representatives is considering H.R.1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and the Senate is working on its plan.  Both Houses are working with the goal of working out differences and then getting something to the President’s desk to sign into law by the end of the year.

November 17 Update

The House of Representatives passed its bill on Thursday, November 16.  The Senate Finance Committee also passed its own version of the bill, which does not contain some of the provisions that will impact higher education.  Some time after the Thanksgiving break a House-Senate conference committee will meet to sort out differences in the bill, and produce one final bill that will have to again be passed by both houses before being sent to the President for his signature. See more information below and watch our Facebook page for more updates.


Click here for a matrix showing higher education items that are in  House bill and the Senate proposal.

Click here to see H.R.1, The Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

The Road to the 2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 legislative Session will begin on January 16 at noon

Other important dates:

January 31     Deadline for introduction

February 15   Session ends at noon

March 7         Legislation not acted upon by Governor is pocket-vetoed

May 16          Effective date of legislation not a general appropriation bill or a bill carrying an emergency clause or other specific date


Legislative Finance Committee Report on Higher Education Costs


On Tuesday, October 24, the Legislative Finance Committee released a report titled, “Program Evaluation: Higher Education Cost Drivers and Cost Savings”

Click here to read the report



Revenue Estimates

On August 16, 2017, the LFC received the 2017 Consensus Revenue Estimate which indicates General Fund Reserves of 3.4% for FY18 compared to less than 0.5 percent as projected at the end of the special session.  New money is estimated at $25 million for FY19.  Legislators expressed some caution due to the downside risks that were included in the estimate.  The next revenue estimate will be released in early December and will provide the guidance on revenue for the 2018 legislative session.   Click here to see the full report: Consensus Revenue Estimate – August 2017


2017 Legislative Special Session

The New Mexico legislature met in a special session May 24 and the Governor signed a budget bill that restored funding for higher education.  Click on the images below for details in a final report, a budget comparison table, and the budget bill.


Final 2017 Post-Legislative Session Update

Read our comprehensive report and find out about everything higher education-related that happened at the 2017 legislative session. Click below for the report.