The NMSU Office of Government Relations represents New Mexico State University’s interests and priorities with the state legislature, federal government, and government agencies.

The 2018 NM Legislative Session

The NM Legislature is set to adjourn on February 15 at noon.  The Governor has until March 7, 2018 to sign bills passed by the legislature.  Legislation that the Governor does not sign by that date is automatically pocket-vetoed.  Memorials however, do not have to be signed by the Governor.  The effective day of legislation that is not a general appropriation bill, have an emergency clause or other specified date, is May 16.

HB2 General Appropriations Bill

Actions by the conference committee on HB2 did not impact higher education and both the house and senate approved the conference agreement so the bill is complete and on its way to the Governor.  The final legislative passed bill (conference) includes an increase of $2.454 million for the NMSU system compared to  a decrease of $754,900 with the Executive recommendation and a decrease of $464,900 with the LFC recommendation.  For Instruction and General the final bill includes 2% new money ($11.2 million for all institutions) and 4% redistribution through the funding formula.  The Conference Agreement also includes 2% compensation for faculty and staff which is not reflected in the table below.  The bill includes a total of $1.0 million in non-recurring items as reflected in the table below for various programs.

SB 94 General Obligation Bond Bill (GOB)

The GOB bill authorized the issuance of $31.2 million dollars for the NMSU system, an increase of $10.2 million over the introduced bill and the LFC recommendation.  The voters will also have to approve the higher education in the November election.  The bill also includes funding for Libraries in addition the higher education funding. 

HB 306 Severance Tax Bond Projects

HB 306 passed the legislature and is now waiting Governor action.  The bill includes a total of $570,000 for various NMSU projects shown in the table below.












Lottery Related Bills

The Council of University Presidents endorsed the decoupling of lottery and supported two different bills SB140 and HB270 by Senator Soules and Rep. Jim Smith.  SB140 was passed unanimously by the House in the last hours of the session on Feb 15 and will be sent to the Governor for her signature. HB 270 died in committee despite being passed by the House unanimously, 67-0.

Other Higher Education/NMDA Bills

Below is a list of Higher Education/NMDA-related bills and memorials that passed the legislature.





























































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Executive Recommendation for FY 2019
LFC Recommendation
  Volume 1: Policy and Performance Analysis
  Volume 2: Appropriation Recommendations
  Volume 3: Supplemental Charts and Graphs



Legislative Finance Committee Report on Higher Education Costs


On Tuesday, October 24, the Legislative Finance Committee released a report titled, “Program Evaluation: Higher Education Cost Drivers and Cost Savings”

Click here to read the report