The NMSU Office of Government Relations represents New Mexico State University’s interests and priorities with the state legislature, federal government, and government agencies.

2017 Legislative Session



New Mexico State University has a team that watches all bills that are introduced and determines the impact that any of the bills might have to the NMSU community.  To see an ongoing list of the bills that NMSU is tracking, click on the link below:

NMSU 2017 Legislative Bill Tracking List



February 13, 2017

Five weeks remain in the 2017 legislative session and February 16 is the deadline for bill introduction.  For higher education, a number of bills are passing through committees.  A number of bills related to the lottery scholarship are being considered, they are described in the following article:

On Tuesday at 1:30pm, the House Appropriations and Finance Committee will hear testimony on higher education funding.  Bills we will be watching this week in committee include: HB 237 Liquor Tax to Lottery Scholarship Fund, and HB 233 University Police Office Jurisdiction, which will be considered by the House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs Committee on Tuesday, February 14; HB 267, Exempt College Certain Proprietary Info will be considered by the House Education Committee on February 15 at 8:30am; SB 276 Lottery Scholarship Awards & Applications, SJM 8 Study Different Higher Higher ed Governance, and SB 243 Restrict Certain Higher Ed Expenditures will be considered by the Senate education Committee on Wednesday, February 15.

We’ve added more bills to our tracking list above.


Previous Legislative Updates



Executive and Legislative Finance Committee Budget Recommendations

The Governor and the Legislative Finance Committee released their proposed budgets for 2017-2018.

              NMSU Impact: Side-by-side Comparison of Executive budget proposal and Legislative Finance
              Committee proposal
              Budget Capital Progression Table FY18




The Governor's budget proposal: •For the remainder of FY 2017, includes an additional 0.5% reduction from the 2016 Special Session reduction of 5% for higher education •Includes an ERB swap, but decreasing the employer contribution by 3.5% and increasing the employee contribution by 3.5% •For FY 2018, a 1% reduction to higher educations institutions, and a .5% cut to special schools

The Governor’s budget proposal
  • Remainder of FY 2017:

*  Additional 0.5% reduction from the 2016 Special Session reduction of 5% for higher education

*  Includes an ERB swap, by decreasing the employer contribution by 3.5% and increasing the employee contribution by 3.5%

FY 2018:

*  1% reduction to higher education institutions, and a .5% cut to special schools

                               *  Continues 3.5% ERB swap

                                                       Click here to for more information on the Governor’s website


The Legislative Finance Committee:

 * .6% reduction for higher education

* Does NOT propose modifications to the employees contribution to retirement

* 4% base redistribution and no new money for the Instruction & General (I&G) funding formula

* For Non I&G, a 6.5% reduction for most Research and Public Service Projects (RPSP’s) and

moving several projects into I&G

* Flat budget for the Agricultural Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension Service, and the New

Mexico Department of Agriculture

                                                       Click here to see the proposal on the LFC website




General Obligation Bond C and NMSU

General Obligation Bond C will be on the 2016 election ballot.  It includes $27.5 million for the NMSU system statewide.  In Las Cruces it would provide $22.5 million for the renovation of D.W. Williams Hall, which houses the NMSU Department of Art and University Gallery.  Bond C will not increase taxes  for information go to: